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Kenny Shrooms
Allie DiCaprio
• 1/6/2013

Emblem 3

In the stories of singing news fans are still going crazy due to Emblem 3, a popular boy band that placed 4th in The X factor. A singing competition in witch people sing to win 5 million dollars. The rage is going on however against how Emblem 3 deserved to win and how they didn't mean to eliminate  the group. As it is 2013 fans are still raging against this such as blackmailing the X factor.

Emblem 3 says that "they are fine that they lost, and Tate Stevens deserved to win, he was talented"

I'm writing this in January 06 2013 at 10:46 am.

This is Key Lance and good morning America.

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Kenny Shrooms
Allie DiCaprio
• 1/6/2013

THEY ARE NOT A MOTHERFUCKING BOYBAND. I WILL SHOOT YOU. And FYI, Simon Cowell already signed them, so have a nice day(: x

• 1/6/2013

Well bitch calm the fuck down. Atleast I didn't say anything rude you daft cock <3

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