The Chapel.

This event has been cancelled, and will never occur. Thank you for your patience. For the sake of humor, here are the original plans:

As some of you may know already, Cato and Clove are getting married soon. Though, they still have to pick a date for their wedding. Everyone is invited (except people from the other wiki, if they are looking for trouble). This wedding would like to be kept as drama-free as possible. Add your name to the list if you are attending . . .Edit

  • Peeta (The priest.)
  • Johanna Mason District 7 (who will most likely get drunk with Finnick :p)
  • Finnick "What the Finnick" Odair (a.k.a. Lazy ass who won't RSVP himself. :D , who will get drunk with Jo's butt)
  • Clove (the sexy bride in the past, since YOU ALL MISSED THE WEDDING)
  • Cato (the amazingly hot groom)
  • ShimmerGlimmer
  • August Everlong (would like to come)
  • Katniss "the girl on fire" (dont worry my hottness wont draw attention away from you)
  • PurpleGirl23 (but you hate me so nevermind..oh by the way the other day I was thinking 'how long before this will happen?)
  • HopeD4
  • President Coriolanus Snow (Who is also bringing Caesar Flickerman and Seneca Crane. We're all driving up from the Capitol just to come. #Roadtrip)
  • Cinna Habitus (who will have all da ho ho hos linen up, who also sucks major CAPITOL CENSORED)
  • Elmo and his gang of teletubbies
  • PedoBear (who will be bringing his bitches and strippers just for Haymitch)
  • President Alma Coin
  • Carptow who will bring most of the drinks
  • District 4 Male (Also known as Breck with his stylish curly hair uwu)