Haymitch Abernathy
Education is the fist
Born July 29th, 1997
Gender Male
Joined February 20th, 2012
Origin Wiki The Hunger Games Wiki
Likes Blondes, Brunettes, Writing, Philosophizing
Other wikis The Hunger Games Wiki, Wookiepedia

So, how long have you been in the Illuminati?
(Haymitch Abernathy) is the most beautiful person I know.
Avete Caesar!


Haymitch Abernathy first started out on The Hunger Games wiki under the username Hnhnh2. There, he began work on his first Hunger Games story, Whirlpool, which he posted for the public to read. Through that story, he was approached by a user (PiGirl) who had some questions about the story and some ideas. They soon became very close friends. Then, Haymitch was approached by a user going by MarvelD1, and asked if he would like to join a Hunger Games roleplaying wiki in desperate need of a Haymitch.

And so, Haymitch Abernathy was born.

Haymitch quickly became a respected member of the HungerLIVE community, known for his witty and dry sense of humor as well as his helpful personality. He became a de facto community therapist, helping the HungerLIVE community with their various online and real life problems. He eventually attained the status of Chat Moderator. Realizing that with power comes responsibility, Haymitch drafted a series of rules and submitted them to the Founder of HungerLIVE, who approved them. Haymitch served as Chat Moderator for a few months, after which he became Administrator of the Wiki. In June of 2012, he decided that he needed a break from Wikia, and resigned as Administrator.


After ten months away from HungerLIVE, Haymitch decided that he needed to return. On the Ides of March, he wrote up a quick poem about never dispairing which was in reference to the decline of the Wiki over the summer months he was away. He posted it, and then returned to his little niche in the Chatroom, waiting for someone else to come on. Eventually, PiGirl (Now known as Elven Emma or Epic Emma) got on, and they had a conversation. The result was them both deciding to return to the Wiki and try to return it to the way it used to be. 

Haymitch Abernathy served the HungerLIVE community as an Administrator until September of 2013. He decided that he needed to shift his focus from the HungerLIVE Wiki and instead pay attention to his (now-ex)girlfriend, his schooling, and focus on bringing himself closer to his faith. He now spends his evenings practicing his archery skills, meditating, chasing girls, and trying not to think about things he doesn't want to think about.

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