I'm doing this through Prim's account. It's not actually Prim.

Hey Emma,

I thought I'd tell you some stuff:

A. I'm really sorry for being a jerk to you

B. I try hard not to be annoying and dramatic, but I'm not good at letting out my feelings in a good way, so then I end up bottling them up and then exploding.

C. I think your story about Katniss and Peeta's kids is REALLY REALLY good. I can't wait for more!

D. I don't really think your dumb or stupid. I'm just jealous of how smart you are.

E. I still want to be your friend.

F. You might get mad and say you weren't mean, but I forgive you for being mean to me on occasion.

G. I don't hate you.

H. Yes, I am seeing a counselor. No I am not sharing a single thing about this wiki or anyone on it.

I hope you are still reading. I want to be your friend again. I was a realy big jerk to you. I'm not sorry to everyone else though. I can't help their personal problems. But anyway, I hope you accept my apology and don't hate me anymore.

P.S. I hope your happy, Haymitch blocked my IP.


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