Hello everyone! So I'm going to do a Hunger Games tournament.


Give me a very detailed description of your tribute in PM on chat. You can choose how much you will allow others to know, and how much you want me to keep secret. Please make the tributes realistic people, they can't be experts at every weapon imaginable, very strong, extremely fast, good at climbing trees, and clever. If a person is strong, they will likely be heavy, and thus not as fast or good at climbing trees as other tributes. Up to 8 tributes per person. Also, please include a description of their looks. If you want, even draw them yourselves. I will draw all tributes based on your description, unless you submit a drawing.


District 1 Girl- Chandelier Fronum, made by TDR

District 1 Boy- Canopy Starsos, made by TDR

District 2 Girl- Natalia Harris, made by Hope

District 2 Boy- Austin Mahone, made by Allie

District 3 Girl

District 3 Boy- Eggy the Wonder Egg, made by THE DOCTOR Your #1 Supreme ruler.

District 4 Girl- Delaney Hadley, made by Allie

District 4 Boy- Zxander Chance, made by Allie

District 5 Girl

District 5 Boy- Josh Casley, made by Hope

District 6 Girl

District 6 Boy

District 7 Girl

District 7 Boy

District 8 Girl

District 8 Boy

District 9 Girl

District 9 Boy- Spike Hill, made by Hunger Gamer

District 10 Girl- Cassidy Scholfield, made by Allie

District 10 Boy- Mark Bull, made by Hunger Gamer

District 11 Girl- Alana Orianelli, made by Maddie

District 11 Boy- John McGinty, made by Maddie

District 12 Girl- Jessica Barnhill, made by Hope

District 12 Boy

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