Rated PG-13 

Stronge Language

I wake up stretch sctrach my ass and think about how fast life has been. I'm already almost 11 and it's February.I gather my thoughts of what I should do and have a headache just thinking about it. I just think. "Do the regular stuff." Which are wake up survive and go back to sleep. I don't eat much. My breakfast is a banana my lunch a sandwhich and dinner, 3 cookies. I'm not anorexic . I grab our family laptop and click on safari waiting for it to load. My internet had been very slow but I can deal with it. Playa few games. <----- Lies. and then go on my favorite Wikia. Nothing is boring here. We have so many interesting stories, so many people to curse out, so many people that are so unique and are never boring. I think as this as my 2nd family. It's just perfect. I never get bored and I only leave when I'm forced too. After being yanked away I laugh at the jokes the Wikia andI have made  making it seem like I'm crazy but I don't give 2 big shits about what my family thinks about me because I'm as they say "Unique".

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